Example Flows

The following flows can be used as examples of what is possible. You can easily import multiple flows to combine them.

  1. Check if the part cannot be found or is out of rotation and turn on Output 1 (DO1 pin).

    Alignment Presence and Rotation Check Flow

  2. Example of how to send data to an HTTP API endpoint (e.g. MES or SCADA system)

    Send Data to REST API

  3. Change the pass/fail conditions for a single recipe depending on PLC job number using custom Ethernet/IP registers.

    PLC Switch Case Pass Conditions

  4. Output model results and confidence values to a PLC using custom Ethernet/IP registers.

    Output ROI Results and Confidences via Ethernet/IP

  5. After capturing an image, activate a pass/fail digital output after a fixed delay.

    Fixed Delay Output

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